BudgIT Nigeria questions Buhari’s integrity over “Fuel Subsidy Scam”

Muhammadu Buhari - Nigeria President and Minister of Petroleum
Muhammadu Buhari – Nigeria President and Minister of Petroleum

About five years ago during political campaigns, the All Progressive Congress (APC) has harped on the Fuel Subsidy regime of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) government as “Scam” promising to put an end to such waste of National resources when voted into power.

According to an online statement by BudgIT on Monday, Nigeria has for the past 13 years expended a whooping 10 trillion Naira on Fuel Subsidy but has expected the government of President Muhammadu Buhari (that prides itself with integrity) to have put an end to what the President believe is a scam.

“In 13 years, Nigeria has spent at least N10 trillion on FUEL SUBSIDY, which you believe(d) is SCAM”, the statement reads in part.

BudgIT emphasis that such funds would have gone a long way in providing very important infrastructures that can better the standard of living of the Nigerian citizens; such infrastructures includes Solar Powered Electricity Plants, Mortgage houses for families as well as well equipped hospitals.

“N10 trillion can construct 27,000mw of solar powered electricity for stable power supply or 500,000 new houses for families through mortgage at N20 million per house or well equipped 2,400 unit of 1,000-bed hospitals across 774 LGAs”.

President Muhammadu Buhari has been Minister of Petroleum since his election as president about four years ago and BudgIT is now raising questions as to what exactly the administration of Buhari doing in order to reform the Oil Sector.

“In ending this scam, as the President and Minister of Petroleum, what exactly are you doing to reform the oil sector?” concluded the statement.

BudgIT Nigeria is a civic tech organisation, raising the standards of transparency, citizen engagement and accountability most especially in public finance.

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