Dele Momodu shades APC over chicken and rice campaign video

APC Campaign Video Next Level Chicken
APC Campaign Video: Next Level Chicken

The Ovation publisher on Wednesday mocks the All Progressive Congress APC for trivializing the yearnings of the Nigerian people and likening their needs to a mere chicken meal through a campaign video the ruling party released recently.

The video which appears contradictory to Nigeria culture, showed a boy served with rice and chicken but instead of eating the rice first or alongside the chicken, was shown trying to grab a large piece of chicken to eat but an umbrella was seen hitting his hand to prevent the child from taking the chicken.

While the umbrella was preventing the child from taking the piece of chicken, an adult was seen eating up the chicken without showing concern for the plight of the child.

The umbrella prevented the child three times but at the fourth time a broom appeared when the child started crying and stopped the umbrella from denying the child and that allowed the child to have unhindered access to the chicken meal.

APC Campaign Video APC vs PDP
APC Campaign Video: APC vs PDP

The Umbrella is the symbol of the Peoples Democratic Party while the Broom is the symbol of the All Progressive Congress meaning the advert was depicting the People Democratic party as corrupt and depriving the masses of their right to good life.

“God don bless this we country, but so many bad leaders wan dabaru wetin God don do.

“Leaders wey no want make we chop, no want make we enjoy life, corrupt leaders wey dey chop alone.

“Them want make we dey cry, God come send better people wey dey fight for us. People wey get correct intergrity, dey pursue all this wicked people, they fight for us make we fit dey chop again.

At the end, a hand brought a full toasted chicken for the child to eat and the child was seen so surprised at the gesture, exclaimed “Next level”

“Now them wan carry us go another level” concludes the campaign video voicing.

Dele Momodu who is one of the most renowned journalist in Africa was not impressed with the settings of the campaign video which made him post the video on his Instagram page with a mockery line, “Vote and eat bigger chicken…”

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