Trump tackles Obama over 10 feet high wall Obama built around his DC mansion

Barack Obama and Donald Trump
Barack Obama and Donald Trump

Despite various setbacks mitigating against President Donald Trump over his plans to build a wall to prevent illegal immigrants from sneaking into the US, he has continue to keep the plan alive.

President Obama has been one of the big personalities kicking against the plan by Donald Trump to erect the wall that will hinder free flow of persons from the neighbouring South America countries.

Trump in a tweet Monday has reminded Obama of the 10 feet tall wall he had erected around the Obamas mansion in Washington DC.

“President and Mrs. Obama built/has a ten foot wall around their D.C. mansion/compound” he wrote.

Trump stated that he totally understand and agree on the need for Obama to erect such fence around the mansion because it will guarantee safety and security of the Obama family.

“I agree, totally necessary for their safety and security” he pointed out.

To further push his plan to erect the fence around the U.S. Trump has argued that since Obama deem it good and necessary to build a wall for safety and security, America definitely should have such privilege to erect a wall though it will be larger.

“The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version!” he concluded.

The tweet has since gone viral as is with many of President Donald Trump tweets but Obama was yet to respond to the statement.

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