Man lambast Aisha Yesufu for peddling fake news, says her hijab is a veil of hypocrisy

Aisha Yesufu
Aisha Yesufu

Fake news has become a major concern in Nigeria with social media giving wings to this menace as people without resource to verification continue to publish news that are either half truth or completely false, just to gain relevance.

Aisha Yesufu has today made a statement on social media indicting the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital over the death of triplets delivered by a mother prematurely; the babies died under the helpless watch of the mother because of lack of sufficient incubators required to cater for premature babies according to her.

The fiery activist who became very prominent during the bring back our girls era blamed the death of the babies on corruption and bad governance, indicating that only two incubators were available at the Aminu Kano teaching hospital which were already in use.

“A woman lost her triplets yesterday because Aminu Kano Teaching didn’t have enough incubators. They said they had only two which were already in use. This woman watched her triplets take their last breath. Bad governance & corruption killing us and we say it is fate” she wrote.

But a twitter user countered her, “This is fake news. Evidence have emerged that AKTH has more than 20 incubators, and the triplet in question did not die in AKTH.

“I thought the hijab is for the covering of the beauty and chastity of a woman. Never knew its also a veil for hypocrisy. Too bad” he posted.

It appears she actually got her facts wrong because the babies were delivered at Nassarawa Hospital and not Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital but were later referred to Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital because of no sufficient incubators to cater for the premature babies.

“My apologies to Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital. The woman gave birth in Nassarawa hospital they were the ones without incubator. They were then referred to AKTH. On the way to AKTH the triplets died & the mother is there right now. She is the wife to my fmr housekeeper’s cousin” she narrated.

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