The lies about after God fear women that keeps me wondering

Two young beautiful African women
Two young beautiful African women

I have severally heard and read this statement: ‘After God Fear Women’ but I have come to realise that the statement in itself is not well thought through; it is a mere consolatory assumption that needs rethinking.

It is believed that God is all power and can do whatever He wishes and so should be feared for His ultimate power, on the other hand, it is believed that women, though cannot be compared to God, also have many ways of doing things out of the ordinary that will stun you when revealed but we do not have the luxury to generalise this and label every woman as such.

What is exceptionally amusing to me was this photo of a bus sent to me on social media on which back is boldly and clearly written ‘After God Fear Women’; there is even far more need to ‘fear’ that bus because of its rickety condition and safety implications. The reservations I have with this statement is that it tends to portray every woman as one who can do unimaginable things as the statement does not paint the women folks in good light and this is unacceptable to me.

I have some amazing, beautiful women I want to share with you, just so that you reexamine them and apply the statement: After God Fear Women’. If after reading the following submissions you still deem it necessary to believe in this contentious statement then you need to read it over and over again until you are cleared of your doubts.

1. Mother

We all have a mother, the one who got intimate with our father, got pregnant and carried us in her womb to where ever she goes, in whatever the condition, however the situation for 9 whole months or maybe more. Thereafter she passed through the pains of labour for hours before she eventually brought us into this world with life in us. She was to further nurse and breast feed us for months, watch us as we grow, from learning to sit up, creep, walk and talk. She see us through infancy, teenage years to adult years until we eventually get a family of our own.

Can we after all these then say: After God Fear Women or After God Love Women?

2. Sister

Some of us are not fortunate enough to have siblings that are females but most us of do have. Whatever the case, we do have sisters by extension, that is; cousins, nieces and all close relatives that are females. Remember how you love the little ones, remember those moments when you have to protect them from bullies at school maybe. Remember how the older ones took care of you, how they care for you, how they scolded you to get things done the right way. They are to later grow up to adult age, get married and become mothers as well.

Can we still after all these then say: After God Fear women or After God Love Women?

3. Girlfriend

We all had girlfriends at one stage, we probably have one or more now out of which one may evolve to become fiancee that we shall engage and later get married to. Remember the first date, the bonding, the partying, the outings, the promises to each other of being there for one another. Do not forget the decision day, the day you decided to take her as your life mate and how you went down on your kneels and proposed to her.

Will you look her in the eye and still say: After God Fear Women or After God Love Women?

4. Wife

Eventually you got married, remember the colourful  marriage rites and glorious celebrations, the honeymoon and the beauty of living under same roof with the woman of your dreams. She is pregnant with your child and gave birth to your baby who you proudly name and love; before that she was to pass through all the vigours and rigours of motherhood before giving you a son. They say behind every successful man is a woman and this is debatable but then is it not glorious to have had the opportunity of becoming married to the woman of your dreams; the woman who sacrificed her surname for your surname.

Will you cuddle her and then say: After God Fear Women or After God Love Women?

5. Daughter

She had a baby girl for you, a pretty beautiful innocent child but the question is do you love her and I heard you say yes over and over and over again. Fathers definitely love their daughters, it widely believed in the African circle that the female child is more caring and more open to supporting and ensuring the well being of the parents before and even after getting married.

Can you sit your daughter down and tell her to her face: After God Fear Women or After God Love Women?

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