Revealed: “Next Level” logo belongs to Winthrop University professor, used “without permission” by APC

Buhari/Osibanjo Next Level 2019
Buhari/Osibanjo Next Level 2019

At the beginning of the Buhari’s regime in 2015 he made a speech that got everybody talking but the talks did not fade before its was made known that the then trending “I belong to nobody” line was Charles De Gaulle’s; just as the “Change begins with me” was another case of plagiarised quote of Barack Obama.

November 18, 2018 President Muhammadu Buhari launched his campaign document he titled “Next Level” with a logo of ‘level’ written in capitals having the ‘next’ also in capitals directly on top of it. A good sign with the lower part forming the ‘V’ in the word LEVEL and upper part forming one part of the ‘X’ stroke in NEXT.

Barely 24 hours after the launch of the ‘Next Level’ campagn document, news have it now that the brain behind the Next Level logo was actually a Winthrop University professor who has now expressed his displeasure over the use of the logo without permission.

Social media is now awash with a copy of the original document where the Next Level logo was first used by Dr. Kelly M. Costner, an Associate Professor of Winthrop University. The NEXT LEVEL was actually an acronym for “NETwork for Leading Education that Values English Learners”

Meanwhile the All Progressive Congress or the Presidential Candidate of the party has not made any statement with respect to this new finding. It should also be worthy of note that given the desperation associated with this campaign that just commenced barely 24 hours, it is possible that things like this could be fabricated to gain cheap political points.

The onus is now on President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Congress to put this matter to rest in whatever way possible.

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