How to make money in WhatsApp Groups through Paid Task

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WhatsApp Group has become common way of fostering togetherness among persons of different background and locations in various countries of the world and one unique aspect of WhatsApp Group is that members are made to carry out tasks on a daily basis to keep everyone active in the group.

You could turn the daily task in any WhatsApp group to a means of making money for members of the group without having them to periodically put money together for members who are either in dire need, celebrating an event or those who are bereaved as practiced most WhatsApp Groups.

WhatsApp as an organization has also lately been looking at options of using the WhatsApp platform to generate money by featuring adverts on the Status page but this has nothing to do with your ability to make money for your WhatsApp Groups if you really want to do that.

What is Paid Task?

Paid Task is a task that will be paid for by either a member of the Group or an interested external party who wish to use Group forum to create either an awareness of economic importance or to gain social media points but not limited to these two only as members can brainstorm to find many ways of making money using Tasks.

How Will the Paid Task generate money for the Group?

I will give few examples only of how this Paid Task can generate income for the Group and leave each group to fashion other alternatives of making money from Paid Tasks. The amount to be paid for each Paid Task should be determined by the Admins and members of the Group all members must comply to the task to ensure value for money with reference to the person who paid for the task.

Blog Followers – A blogger could pay for a task, since tasks are done on a daily basis and the task could be “All members should visit and subscribe to follow the site by entering their email address in the required field and assenting to follow the site”. This could also apply to blog posts promotion in addition to soliciting for comments.

Facebook Followers – The same could apply to generating Facebook follow or likes, where links to such page are provided in the task for members to follow and do the needful.

Surveys – Survey could also be paid for and posted in WhatsApp Groups for people to respond in other to gather useful data for any particular purpose.

Twitter Followers – Groups could also be used to generate follows, retweets and likes similar to the case with Facebook.

Affilitate Marketing – This could also be undertaken by the Group in whatever favourable manner to both the Group and the person or organization paying for the Paid Task.

How much can you make from Paid Task?

There are an average of 30 Tasks in a month so to speak and the maximum numbers of persons that could compose a group is usually 200. If a group posts 30 Paid Tasks in a month at a cost of $1.50 per task that will amount to $45 dollars in a month in addition to just socializing and having fun. The person or organisation who paid for the task would have also reached out to 200 persons.

Members buy data monthly to be able participate in WhatsApp Groups but this could be compensated for where there is an organized way of featuring Paid Tasks rather than spreading fake news and posting porn as is common in some groups.

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions of WhatsApp before adopting this Paid Task in order not to violate any law.

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